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  • Ratchaphruek - Pinklao - Salaya
  • Rungsit-Lamlukka
  • Ramindra-Watcharapol
  • Suvarnabhumi-Srinakarin-Romklao
  • Bangna-Srinakarin
  • Rama 2-Phacha U-tit-Phetkasem
LADAWAN ราชพฤกษ์-ปิ่นเกล้า


LADAWAN Ratchaphruek- Pinklao The magnificence of society beyond the highest personal level on Ratchaphruek Road.

Pricing from 50 - 200 MB

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Ladawan พระราม 2


The Most valuable asset on Rama2 Road.
The private kingdom which reflects all your wealth, endlessly.
Create every details to be perfect and dignified in the kingdom of those who are most successful.

Pricing from 50 - 150 MB

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นันทวัน บางนา-กม.7

Nantawan Bangna km.7

The best place for spending life
The best prime location….. the Utmost of the design
The best place of living

Pricing from 25 - 50 MB

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นันทวัน ปิ่นเกล้า-ราชพฤกษ์

Nantawan Pinklao-Ratchaphruek

Beyond the word of "Home" but it is the "perfection"
which all components are thoroughly created for everyone superior life

Pricing from 25 - 40 MB

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นันทวัน รามอินทรา - พหลโยธิน 50

บ้านหรู บนที่ดินขนาดใหญ่ กับซีรีส์แบบบ้านใหม่สไตล์ Santababara

Starting price from 15 MB

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Mantana Ratchaphruek - Maha Chesadabodindranusorn Bridge

Bridge of Life
connects all quality to every life
connects your holidays, your work, your kid's future with the quality society
and connects the happiness and relationship of all family members

Pricing from 12 - 25 MB

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Mantana Lake Watcharapol

The Lake Of Expandable Happiness
The endlessly great happiness

Pricing from 12 - 25 MB

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มัณฑนา วงแหวน-บางบอน

Mantana Wongwan - Bang Bon

100+ Happiness
More than hundred happiness stories for every members of the family
Private home in large living style
on land of 100 sq.wah with Garden Lodge

Pricing from 9 - 15 MB

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Mantana Srinakarin - Bangna

The Green Carpet Rest : Imagine how good life would be if you have the green nature to support every steps of your children's lives.

Pricing from 9 - 18.69 MB

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มัณฑนา อ่อนนุช-วงแหวน 5

Mantana OnNut - Wongwan 5

Nature Roof Nurture Life :
Another level of quality of life. The quality house that you can feel the nature, cool and pleasant with shade of trees under the concept of A Passion for Nature

Pricing from 6 - 20 MB

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มัณฑนา ศรีนครินทร์-ร่มเกล้า

Mantana Srinakarin-Romklao

New quality of living …… under the shade of nature
New project on Srinakarin - Romklao, near Airport Link, BTS Orange Line and Pink Line (in the future)

Pricing from 5.9 - 16 MB

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Chaiyaphruek Ramintra - Phraya Suren

"Privacy in Space"
Experience your private happiness in your own detached house with special design for you

Pricing from 5.59 - 8 MB

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Chaiyaphruek Phutthamonthon Sai 5

Convenience Turns to Happiness
Join the quality and shady society with a single detached house project located on prime area Main Road Phutthamonthon Sai 5

Pricing from 5.5 - 7 MB

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Chaiyaphruek ChatuChot - Vacharaphol

Lift Up Your Living
Starting to prevail for the quality of life above the level of…….. Superb

Pricing from 5.3 - 7 MB

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Chaiyaphruek Srinakarin

Lift Up Your Living
Starting to prevail for the quality of life beyond the level of…….. Superb

Pricing from 5 - 7.5 MB

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Chaiyaphruek Pinklao - Kanchana

Living The Extra Ordinary Life
Happiness "beyond" expected in private and specially designed society. The only project with environment in an extra design for the most beautiful and perfect

Pricing from 5 - 7 MB

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Prueklada Suvarnabhumi

G.I.Y : Green It Your Style : viewpoint of modern life, close to nature, on the green space ,shady and unique on the location that most nearest to the Suvarnabhumi

Pricing from 4.5 - 6 MB

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Prueklada Phet Kasem - Sai 4

Modern Living & Green Peaceful Community
Spend your modern life in harmony with nature in the single house on the main road near Phet Kasem Road

Starting price from 4.49 MB

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Prueklada Pracha Uthit 90

Capital Life Among the Nature
Experience the city life intimately with every breathe of nature

Pricing from 4.3 - 7 MB

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Prueklada Wongwan - Hathai Rat

Shades of living
The beauty of modern family living in modern society under the shadow of nature

Pricing from 4 - 6 MB

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VIVE Ekamai-RamIntra

Project Concept
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2.arttest wysiwyg

Pricing from 39 - 80 MB

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inizio 3 Pinklao - Wongwan

Be Remarkable with minimal lifestyle
Reply your difference in life by choosing at your first step.
With a new design duplex home on Pinklao - Ring Road location

Starting price from 4.19 MB

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inizio 2 Rangsit Klong 3

Modern Lifestyle : experience the new happiness of a perfect combination of nature and modern lifestyle.

Starting price from 3.89 MB

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Villaggio 2 Rama 2

To live with unique life by choosing from the first step.
Beautiful and oneness, differs with the Urban Cottage style, the only one project on Rama 2 - Bangbon

Pricing from 3.89 - 6 MB

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Villaggio Pinklao-Salaya

Make You Unique
Show yourself with the style that differentiate with the Urban Cottage project
unique and only one on Pinklao-Salaya location

Pricing from 3 - 6 MB

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Villaggio บางนา - เทพารักษ์

ก้าวแรกที่แตกต่าง กับชีวิตเมืองที่ผ่อนคลายไม่เหมือนใคร

Pricing from 3 - 7 MB

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Villaggio Bangna

Unseen European Village
The enchantment of the European style village in the valley, experience the scent of contemporary art which will make every day here the most beautiful and delightful to live

Pricing from 2 - 6 MB

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Villaggio Rangsit Klong 3

The New Landmark For London Living..
The design for lifestyle which is exquisite, unique, different and far more pleasant beyond other projects in Rangsit

Pricing from 2 - 5 MB

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